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Are you concerned about the direction this country is taking?

Are you tired of political correctness which glorifies sodomites?

Do you want these several states, these United States of America to return to being the Constitutional Republic that our founding fathers designed it to be?

If your answer to these questions is YES, then please take the following action.

1 Go to This is the Christian alternative to facebook. You will find no ads, nor will you find any politically correct restrictions there.

2 Join the MeWe family.

3 Ask me, Anthony J. Miley, to be your friend.

You will make yourself available to be a part of a private group which my ministry has fathered As our numbers grow, we will become the largest voting block of Judaeo-Christian conservatives in the country. I hope you join us.

Thank you for visiting Messiah's Mountain Ministries. Web Page

My name is Anthony James Miley, I was born in San Francisco, California in 1942. I am working under the guidence of the Holy Spirit to position born again believers into creating an acceptable environment which will enable us to experience a Third Grerat Awakening.

Only God can bring this to pass, but we must do everything we can, in and of ourselves for it to happen.

I welcome your feedback.

This web site is under construction, so please be patient. I am doing everything myself. Keep in touch: Follow me on Facebook as Anthony Miley, and/or Messiah's Mountain Ministries.

Mission Statement
A. J. Miley, Ent.